Review: Blaze Wifi Exede Internet Service

Have any rural DollarPerDay readers ever gotten satellite internet service from ISP Blaze Wifi before? If so, what did you think? Would you sign up for another contract with them or would you go with another rural high speed provider?

Early Free Zone

high speed internet Review: Blaze Wifi Exede Internet Service I am a couple of days into my new contract with Blaze Wifi and so far things are going good, I must say. One of things I like most about Exede internet over the last satellite internet service we had (I don’t want to name any name and get sued!) is the unlimited free zone after midnight. Our free zone used to be after 2AM (not to mention limited data), but that was way too late for us old timers to stay up at night and really get anything out of it. Now on Friday and Saturdays my wife and I are streaming Netflix movies like no tomorrow and forgetting for just a couple hours any way that we live out in the country and thus can’t stream video all the time.

Fast Internet

It’s hard to say this early in the game, but it actually seems like Exede is living up to all the hype about having speeds faster than advertised. I really thought that was all just marketing mumbo jumbo designed to get people interested in their service, but I am shocked that I haven’t really noticed annoyingly slow speeds yet.

In short, so far so good with Blaze Wifi and Exede! Of course, there’s always time for things to turn around for the worse. Believe me, I will let you guys know if Blaze turns out to be a bust.

 Review: Blaze Wifi Exede Internet Service


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