Scroll Triggered Boxes – Why Should You Install One and How?

1301543 box Scroll Triggered Boxes   Why Should You Install One and How?

What on earth is a scroll triggered box? Well, exactly what it says, it’s a little box that appears on your site whenever somebody scrolls down the page. You can put whatever you like inside a scroll triggered box, and make it appear on the left, center or right hand side of your website or blog pretty easily.

Scroll triggered boxes are my new best friend. I had seen them before in other places before deciding I would implement my own, and to be honest the main reason for getting mine up and running was seeing it in action on the blog of the amazing Steve Scott. I’m not sure if I’m using the same plugin he is, but I instantly set about finding the nearest I could, settling for one made by a developer/developers called Dreamgate, but we’ll get to that after I talk about the reasons for adding this to my blog.

The first thing to say is that it’s not on this blog (confusing, I know, sorry) – I’ve got a few of them and thought this was the best option for another niche. The Internet Marketing niche is used to popups, and quite receptive of them in a lot of cases, so I’m sticking with it here (sign up if you haven’t already – sorry for the shameless plug).

The benefits are as follows:

  • It’s unobtrusive and doesn’t stop the reader in their tracks. No need to stop reading, but the reader will see it appear wherever you’ve chosen and can sign up if they so wish.
  • It only affects people who are already engaged. The beauty of being scroll triggered is that the only people who will see it are those who care enough about your content to read on beyond what they see initially on the site, or “below the fold”.
  • It looks cool. Everyone loves a bit of interaction on a site, or one that changes based on the actions of the reader. I remember when I first saw one on a site I thought “wow, that’s pretty cool”. It gives the right impression of your abilities.
  • It’s customization. You can use your social triggered box to promote whatever you like, be it a book release, mailing list, facebook page…whatever you please.

How Easy Are They to Implement?

If you’re running the WordPress platform (sorry, that’s pretty much all I know), this is really easy to install.

  1. Go to Plugins
  2. Search for Scroll Triggered Box
  3. Hit Install
  4. Activate the Plugin
  5. Enjoy!
Customizing Your Box
As with most plugins, there are certain parameters you can control. The dreamgate plugin lets us…
  • Set the HTML code to appear in the box.
  • Set which it appears on out of pages, posts and/or homepage.
  • Cookie lifetime - Amount of days for the box stays hidden for after the user has closed it.
  • Box Width
  • Whether it appears on the Right, Left or Centre of the page.
  • Custom CSS design.


Out of all of the plugins I’ve used on WordPress, for all sorts of different purposes, this is definitely one of my favourites, and it’s completely free! This is a great way to encourage people to sign up to your page, mailing list or other social profile without interrupting their experience.

 Scroll Triggered Boxes   Why Should You Install One and How?


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