SEO For Small Business

page rank 300x195 SEO For Small BusinessToday we’re looking at the topic of SEO for small businesses. Is it necessary? What benefits can SEO have for even the smallest of businesses?

SEO is a relatively new concept for even the biggest of businesses, but don’t underestimate its importance. Even the smallest businesses, sole traders and local services are just waiting to be overtaken by a competitor in Googles’ rankings. By not embracing SEO at this stage a small business could be setting up for a fall. There are even people out there who will start businesses based on how simple it is to rank them on google and other search engines!


It is clear then that SEO is a worthwhile practice and definitely not something to ignore, but what are some of the benefits of SEO for small business?

  • It can expand your reach. Not only will being higher on google expand your customer base it can also mean that more people searching for local services or products find you when they previously wouldn’t have done so, and can have a massive impact on your sales and growth.
  • A vibrant online community. If your particular business relies on reviews, comments and interaction you are much more likely to get this by being top of the search engines.
  • Ranking for ‘long tail’ keywords. This means ranking for searches that might not be your main focus, for instance if you are a bike repair shop in Sydney, people searching for ‘how to fix my bike’ near Sydney might be pointed in your direction by almighty google.
  • It doesn’t have to cost the earth! If you’re looking to rank for a small regional term you might find an agency who can get you to where you need to be for a very reasonable monthly fee, and keep you there! The benefits and additional sales can make it a no-brainer for your business.

So there we have it. SEO may have once been thought of as something for the big, global corporations but as you can see even the small neighborhood business can benefit from it!

 SEO For Small Business


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