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Top 5 Online Marketing Experts Recommendation:

seonow 300x300 Top 5 Online Marketing Experts Recommendation:This is a list of just 5 of the many experts you can get connected to and get in touch with first hand information from experts. Start with these 5 and look for more and more! At the end of the day, it’s all about gathering as much relevant information as possible to maximize benefits for self.

Brian Clark
His website CopyBlogger is extremely useful for anyone and everyone trying their hands on content marketing, SEO blogging or social media marketing. The website shares some excellent and very useful tips and suggestions in making yourself stand out and be better than the rest!

Belle Beth Cooper

She shares useful and relevant tips to make effective blogs and for those involved with social media marketing and writers in general. She shares her expertise and knowledge across diverse platforms.

Matt Cutts

He is the head of the Webspam team at Google. This gives him the upperhand in understand SEO and what is relevant and what must be avoided. Well, like they say following him you get information directly from the horse’s mouth!

Rand Fishkin

The owner of the company, Moz, Fishkin is the man to provide tools and services to online marketers. His expertise and experience can be very useful for anyone who wants to make it big and relevant!

Michael Hyatt

A former book publisher, turned author, Hyatt shares his expertise on ways to set up a website or blog. Some great and useful information for everyone.

Things to Consider Choosing a Web Host

dotcom 300x195 Things to Consider Choosing a Web HostLike most things, settling on a choice on which web hosting  to pick can be intense and a hard choice to make. With all the organizations out there each promising to have 99% uptime, great assets, and the tech backing, there must be an approach to slice through the promotional talk and take an educated choice.

Cost - This is the viewpoint the vast majority of us will take at first while picking a host, the price of it; be that as it may, it shouldn’t be the main element. When you see differences in the pricing from companies it’s useful to recollect the old adage that we get what we pay for. Just getting  the least expensive offer you see isn’t going to always be the best for your business.

You may have specific requirements such as needing an adult host or a host with SSDs. Take all of this into account when you’re looking.

In case you’re planning to have an online blog, an e-commerse ship, lots of content such as photos and recordings, then you shouldn’t run with the least expensive offering you come across. A value hosting most likely won’t have the RAM, handling power, and plate space to serve all these necessities.

Do a Google search once you have found a company or find them on social networks – whatever you need to do to see what their current clients are saying in regards to the service they offer. Are they well spoken of? Do people like what they provide?

Top 4 Tips to Hire Right SEO Company for Your Business

seocompanymelbourne 300x75 Top 4 Tips to Hire Right SEO Company for Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also known as the backbone of any online business or e-Commerce site today. The site’s performance depends on its online viewership, rating and rankings. If the site is visible to the online audience then it will surely generate traffic which eventually turns into leads. And this can be done only through an efficient SEO agency which knows everything about search engine arithmetic. However, it is not an easy task to find out an accomplished, efficient and incredibly innovative SEO firm like My Web Agent, a leading SEO Melbourne. Therefore, we bring to you top 4 tips to hire a perfect SEO firm for your business, if you are based out of Melbourne. These four tips will surely help you to select the best company to promote your business.


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1 The firm should offer versatile range of services, strategies and solutions: It is believed that a good SEO company offers versatile range of solutions strategies and services that take care of all types of businesses irrespective of size and nature. Make sure that the company should offer different packages and can easily optimize websites of multiple pages without any trouble or delay. Over the top, it should improve your page rankings on search engines as without excellent rankings it’s very difficult to generate traffic which eventually turns into leads. Therefore, the best SEO Company is the one which offers wide range of strategies and takes the responsibility of rankings.




2 The best SEO always offer round the clock support: It is a real fact that the best SEO Company always offer round the clock customer care for clients help. Therefore, always choose a company which has 24/7 chat or call support in order to handle all your queries related to the site, its performance, leads etc. Don’t opt a company which doesn’t have a customer care department. Small companies can’t manage your work efficiently. Therefore, always check company’s manpower and departments before taking the plunge. A company with good number of employees and customer care department can always take care of your business efficiently without any delays.


3 It is always better to compare services and features offered by different SEO companies: One should always research and analysis different companies before finalising any one of them. It is better to compare multiple SEO company’s features, services, products, strategies, manpower, and website and market reputation before taking any decision. First off, check your requirements and then on the basis of it choose the company. Make sure that the company must be registered or licensed in order to avoid any fraudulent activity. Check its clientele, reputation and credibility before jumping on to any decision.


4 Ask about its past and success stories: Don’t rush and trust the words. It is always smart move to research about the past success stories of the company in order to avoid any kind of problem in the future. If it’s a reputed company then it must have one or two success stories where it performed incredibly and made the client happy with its services. So ask for such success stories, its past and clientele in order to know how trustworthy and reliable it is.


If you will follow the four tips listed above while short-listing an SEO firm for your business then you won’t face any trouble and get the best results for your business. For more SEO updates and news, stay tuned with My Web Agent, a leading SEO firm in Melbourne.


SEO For Small Business

page rank 300x195 SEO For Small BusinessToday we’re looking at the topic of SEO for small businesses. Is it necessary? What benefits can SEO have for even the smallest of businesses?

SEO is a relatively new concept for even the biggest of businesses, but don’t underestimate its importance. Even the smallest businesses, sole traders and local services are just waiting to be overtaken by a competitor in Googles’ rankings. By not embracing SEO at this stage a small business could be setting up for a fall. There are even people out there who will start businesses based on how simple it is to rank them on google and other search engines!


It is clear then that SEO is a worthwhile practice and definitely not something to ignore, but what are some of the benefits of SEO for small business?

  • It can expand your reach. Not only will being higher on google expand your customer base it can also mean that more people searching for local services or products find you when they previously wouldn’t have done so, and can have a massive impact on your sales and growth.
  • A vibrant online community. If your particular business relies on reviews, comments and interaction you are much more likely to get this by being top of the search engines.
  • Ranking for ‘long tail’ keywords. This means ranking for searches that might not be your main focus, for instance if you are a bike repair shop in Sydney, people searching for ‘how to fix my bike’ near Sydney might be pointed in your direction by almighty google.
  • It doesn’t have to cost the earth! If you’re looking to rank for a small regional term you might find an agency who can get you to where you need to be for a very reasonable monthly fee, and keep you there! The benefits and additional sales can make it a no-brainer for your business.

So there we have it. SEO may have once been thought of as something for the big, global corporations but as you can see even the small neighborhood business can benefit from it!

Choosing an SEO Company From the UK

seo3 Choosing an SEO Company From the UKChoosing a SEO company to represent your business can be difficult. SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimisation, is designed to help businesses increase their search engine rankings and SEO companies aim to help them with this/

There are many things to look out for when choosing the right SEO company and it can be tough to find a credible company that you would willingly put in charge of such a big part of your business. Good search engine rankings are vital to getting fresh eyes to your products and content – if businesses cannot be easily found on a search engine, how can they expect to source brand new customers and sales? With such a lot riding on this, it pays to find the best to help you.

Choosing an SEO company from the UK has many benefits – all too often, businesses opt for the cheapest or most impressive deal. The problem with this is that the job can sometimes be outsourced elsewhere in the world, making communication difficult and a lack of understanding of the UK business market.

UK SEO companies have the knowledge and determination to provide business owners with fantastic campaigns that will no doubt drive much more traffic and sales their way. With a vast knowledge of how the UK business market works, SEO companies based in the UK can take this knowledge and apply it to their campaign -if they realise that there is a gap in the market for one particular business, they can optimise this with relevant keywords.

Basic understanding of SEO is a must. The SEO basics are commonly known but if a business owner is putting their faith into another company to aid them in their campaign, they need to know that they aren’t being taken for a ride. If claims seem to be too good to be true, then they probably are. There are a variety of ways to check the claims an SEO agency may make which take mere minutes; they should be a business owner’s first port of call when communications are first opened.

Not only do UK based SEO agencies have a better understanding of the UK business market but they also know that there are plenty of “SEO companies” around the world doing the work for peanuts with the business owner not seeing anything different over time. Guarantees that seem to be too good to be true often are – if a company offers top rankings within a couple of days, business owners should (although tempted) take a look at previous feedback and testimonials and see if the claims can be backed up – they often cannot.

SEO strategies are about focusing on keywords within the content of a website or blog. It is possible that certain keywords could prove to be fantastic if they are focused towards a niche market – this will certainly improve rankings for that particular search term within a short amount of time – however, focus should be on gathering previous feedback and testimonials on any SEO agencies you may be considering. With the knowledge that you are handing your SEO over to a reputable company, you can relax and wait to notice the difference in traffic.

Another thing to look out for is the company you eventually choose are kept well abreast of any changes within the industry. This could prove invaluable and really boost rankings over time as the company’s strategy is up to date.

Another benefit of choosing a UK based SEO company is the regulations that are set in place. Outsourcing your SEO work to a company in another country means usual regulations may not apply, communications could be difficult and you could be left disappointed and out of pocket at the end of the experience. With a UK based company, business owners can feel safe in the knowledge that they are putting their whole SEO campaign into the best possible hands.

It is easy to take the wrong path when choosing the best SEO company for your business so it always pays to follow the numerous tips above. Choosing a UK based company not only gives you peace of mind knowing that proper rules and regulations will be followed but they also have a far better understanding of the job in hand. It is all too easy to pick the most affordable option – but does it really turn out to be the most affordable option in the long run? It certainly doesn’t if businesses have to choose a second SEO agency at extra expense to the job properly!

There are so many UK based SEO companies out there offering different things for different prices – there is easily something for everyone and every budget. Whilst it may seem like a good idea at the time to outsource the work to outside of the UK, the service these companies provide is invaluable in comparison. Dedicated to making your campaign as successful as can be, SEO companies here can not only identify specific keywords at the drop of a hat but they also know what the UK business market is like and will realise if something has a niche straight away. Having that niche means people may be searching for that topic but there isn’t much information on it – a successful SEO campaign will push their client much higher up the rankings than before and therefore it will be seen by fresh eyes.

Whilst using an SEO company from outside the UK may not always be a bad thing, any self respecting UK business owner would use an SEO agency from the same country – the knowledge that they have makes them more likely to offer a successful campaign. With companies offering such great service right on your doorstep, why would you even want to outsource the work anywhere else? A UK SEO company offer it all – why not take them up on that offer? I can guarantee that you definitely won’t regret it.

Fashion Website Builder SEOTOASTER Premieres Dibson Adams Flagship Site

ecomm Fashion Website Builder SEOTOASTER Premieres Dibson Adams Flagship SiteDibson Adams offers the most extensive selection of high-quality, sexy men’s underwear in the United States. They needed a web presence that reflected their quality and sophistication. SEOTOASTER, cloud automation company SEO Samba’s open source e commerce site builder software, was chosen for its capabilities and opportunities for unique design and development. With their advanced fashion website builder, SEO Samba created a unique website complete with custom product descriptions, secure shopping cart and payment processing and an easy-to-use administrative section to make Dibson Adams’ order processing that much quicker and less complicated.

A unique, top quality site for the retailer needed to perform a large range of functions. Primarily, it had to showcase Dibson Adams’ product line of excellent men’s underwear and lingerie. This required specific search programming to allow shoppers to browse by style, cut, design and size. The SEOTOASTER team first discovered the company’s vision for their website and the impression they wanted to give customers. They combined this style with effective code to make sure everything worked well and was easy for any site visitor to use.

SEOTOASTER’s open source website building tool includes all the powerful programming an ecommerce shop owner needs. They can offer special group pricing options to save time, issue a variety of money-saving coupons to their customers and set up automatic email reminders to sign-ups who left things in their cart.

The sexiest website builder is SEOTOASTER, completely free, easy to use but ultimately powerful. The sexiest men’s underwear can be found at “Undressing San Francisco model citizens since 2012.”

Bluehost Web Hosting Review

bluehost Bluehost Web Hosting ReviewFinding the right web host for your needs can be a real nightmare at the best of times. There can be hidden fees, long term contracts and for the beginners out there there can be a lot of technical jargon to wade through and work out. In this review we’re going to give you the low down on Bluehost’s web hosting.

They’re one of the top hosts out there in terms of popularity. They were founded back in the 90s, in 1996 to be precise, which means approaching two decades in the business they’re one of the oldest still operating. This loyal customer base must surely then count for something.

So what then are the features that make Bluehost so popular?

  • Web Mail feature allowing email addresses and mailboxes.
  • Support for international domains as well as regional.
  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Unlimited subdomains (this would be for instance
  • Add on websites to your account for multiple sites.
  • MySQL databases (these drive wordpress)
  • Free Domain with hosting packages.
  • Outstanding support
  • SimpleScript allowing quick install for a number of apps and website features
  • Free site builder to allow anyone to create their own website with ease.
For more information you can check out this excellent, in depth review of the service on Youtube -

The features of bluehost are such that an advanced web user or an absolute beginner can pick up a package and get started. Whether you’re going to build the next big social network or worldwide music blog or you’re a beginner who wants a simple website to promote a trade, you’ll be equally at home with Bluehost. Their fair prices and excellent servers are among the reasons they are just so popular.

Thus concludes my Bluehost review. To be honest it is tough to find a downside with their service and though some competitors do offer similar, this is a wise choice for the majority of users.

Always Make The Right Choice Of SEO Company

seo3 Always Make The Right Choice Of SEO CompanyIt is extremely important to maximize profits of all company’s in this austere times,and most businesses can benefit and make additional revenue by means of a website. It is already the case that most firms realise this, and as such are website owners.

When first considering a website, it is important to choose a company of professional web designers who are proficient at what they do,as a website is the shop window that attracts customers.

It is possible to choose a web design located at any region of the world due to modern means of communication. However it can often be easier to meet your designer at his or your place of work, or at a convenient location between the two, as there are so many different aspects to be discussed. Once the site is on the internet it becomes crucial to undertake a campaign of SEO which means optimising or maximising the website in order that it appears on the first pages of the search engines,including the most important of these which is of course Google.

It is then that the choice of the best SEO company comes into play, as without search engine optimisation, a website is little more than useless.Evey size of company from the smallest to the largest needs SEO services, if the site is ever going to rank in good positions on the search engines.

Whether you prefer to use a local SEO company or not is really a matter of individual choice,as yet again modern methods of communicating makes it simple to deal with a SEO company from any region or any country. As such, it is not essential for a firm in Glasgow to choose a SEO Glasgow firm, just as it is not required that a business in New York uses an SEO company from that city.

An intrinsic part of search engine optimisation is the writing of good quality well written articles, blogs, guest postings and press releases, and this means that it is best to deal with a company that undertakes SEO whose team of specialists are natives at speaking your own language. Probably the most important language on the Internet is English,and this means that website owners in country’s like the U.K., America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,etc .Should have their SEO packages carried out by an native English speaker,making SEO company’s in great Britain an ideal choice when requiring search engine optimisation.

Their was a time when it was possible to rank highly on Google by simply using badly written or spun articles,but these practices no longer work.The only hope of obtaining page one positions is by quality, ethical, white hat link building, and these techniques are what are used by reputable SEO company’s in the U.K. which should be contacted by any company wishing to make money from their website.

Things That Must Be Considered When Looking For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

seo3 Things That Must Be Considered When Looking For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)SEO or the longer version, search engine optimisation, is a technique that web masters use to obtain high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and the smaller search engines.

Before SEO can begin there are other aspects to consider. These include domain names, keywords and competitors in your industry. Most web masters do begin by choosing a domain name. Choosing a domain name should always be carried out by an expert, as choosing the wrong domain can set you back when you are looking for SEO. There are many good domain brokers available, including Go Daddy. Go Daddy also has a domain auction which is a good idea, as you can find older domains, and there is also a good chance you can find a domain that has already has PR. There are also many websites available were you can search for expired domains at auction with PR. This is always handy, as if you look regularly you will find a suitable domain in your industry. Choosing the correct domain from day one can save you a lot of time when considering SEO or search engine optimisation, as the search engines do favour older domains.

The next stage would be to select keywords. Keywords are used when searching for products or services online. For example if you were an SEO company based in the UK keywords most suitable would be SEO UK, and the same would apply if you were based in Glasgow keywords that would apply would be SEO Glasgow.
SEO or search engine optimisation does take several months to see good results on the search engines for competitive keywords. However if your keywords were local, top positions should be seen much faster, as local keywords will not be as competitive as there will be less businesses in your local area than on a national basis.
The above steps will save you a lot of headache, but many web masters do get this wrong from day one, and if you are unsure about any steps it is a good idea to consult a reputable SEO company who will have the knowledge to get this correct in day one.

Author Liz Leask is manager director and working with Top Ranking SEO who are a SEO UK company based in Glasgow who also advise in SEO Glasgow

Marketing your Company in Surrey

seo3 Marketing your Company in SurreyIn any website, SEO is the essential to the success of your company.  If you are in Southern England, and looking for a marketing agency in Surrey, as with every other product or service, you should look around for the best deal.  There are many businesses marketing Surrey, and you will need to set the requirements for your marketing agency.

The marketing agency in Surrey should have a good track record of providing quick, efficient services which will not only make your web site more visible, but increase your revenue by providing opportunities to bring you sales.  If you are able to get testimonials from previous clients this can be much more effective as word of mouth is better than responding to an advertisement.  If previous clients are satisfied with the marketing agency in Surrey, then that is a good starting point.

Much will depend on your budget, and the marketing agency in Surrey can advise on the best way forward. If you are looking for a complete marketing plan, companies who are marketing Surrey will be able to help develop this and help you with identifying marketing and advertising opportunities.  Nowadays the internet is the most cost effective marketing tool available, and as technology and techniques keep changing and advancing, you will be inundated with requests from companies offering SEO services.  Some of these are very suspect, and some of them are based overseas where English is not the first language.  You should steer clear of these, as the text on your web site is very important to the search engines.   The marketing agency in Surrey will be able to help you identify keywords which will be picked up by web crawlers and robots and raise your profile and rankings in the search engines.  The marketing agency in Surrey will be able to help with copywriting which should be structured writing focusing on your product.

The quality of the product is essential.  This can be difficult to define, but if you are getting more sales due to the efforts of marketing Surrey, then that is the aim.  Techniques such as Google Analytics can be used to measure success, how many hits you are getting on your web site, where they are coming from, how long they stay on your site and whether they return for another look.  If you are a local business operating in one geographical area, and your web site is attracting traffic from outwith your operational area, you will need to adjust the target audience to include only businesses within the area.  This is easily achievable by a number of techniques, and marketing Surrey will be able to set everything up for you, no matter what your business is or where you are.

As with everything else, research on the internet, contact a few companies, get some testimonials, and obtain some quotations before making your final decision on which marketing agency in Surrey you will use.  The extra effort is well worth while in the end.


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