Should You Buy Online Marketing Services on Fiverr?


Fiverr has swept the world over the past few years. The online platform to buy and sell services for the princely sum of five dollars is something that has been embraced the world over, allowing people to buy services or even products for an extremely affordable price and also allowing people to make money selling their expertise or services.

For service providers, their items for sale (also known as “gigs”) are usually not extremely time consuming, which allows them to sell on bulk and therefore provides a financially viable business model, so they don’t end up working for a pittance. This model also works well as a form of outsourcing, as for people providing their services in places such as india or parts of asia, $5 can be a lot of money.

Is Fiverr Good For Online Marketing Services?

Some of the most popular type of gigs on Fiverr are related to online marketing. People offering their service promoting your website or online presence. Below I’ve listed some of the more popular ones, and my advice on whether or not you should buy them:

  • SEO Services. This includes website reports, social bookmarking and fiverr link building services. I’ve listed this one first as you need to be really careful with it. Google have hit a lot of different types of link building recently, and if you want to rank highly, it is really important that you take care of the links pointing back to your site. Perhaps the kind of care that somebody looking to build links on bulk wont be willing to. If you have a lot of sites and you don’t mind if one of them tanks, by all means experiment, but as the old saying goes “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, and nobody wants an ape building their links.
  • Article Writing. I’d recommend this service in a lot of cases, but make sure you check out their reviews and that they have a lot of happy customers. Paying $5 for an article can be a great way to get new content for your sites or to submit to article directories or as guest posts for a good solid backlink. A slight risk, but find the right gigs and you’re well on your way.
  • Social Networks. This one can be really hit and miss, and depends on how genuine the service provider is. You’ll find gigs offering loads of new followers, or to sponsor a tweet to their followers. If you find a relevant and targeted audience in this way you might well find a degree of success, but you may also find that people are selling you access to fake followers and spammy profiles. Beware.
  • Video and graphics. Video and graphics are both a cool way of marketing, and if you find someone who is good at creating these for a fiver, and are happy to publish it on your own networks then it can be effective for marketing and SEO. Again there is a slight risk involved, but less than the other services mentioned. To get a logo for your blog for $5 is also an amazing benefit of the site.
  • Traffic. Okay, as a rule of thumb, I’d suggest that you never ever ever buy traffic. It won’t convert if you’re trying to sell a product, it won’t make you money out of advertising and it will probably be spammy and automated. You do not want your site associated with this and even if there are some good traffic services out there, it simply isn’t worth the risk.

There are some other more creative online marketing services on Fiverr, and people are always thinking of new gigs to sell. A lot of finding out what works for you is experimentation, but hopefully the above list is helpful when deciding where to go with your online marketing.

 Should You Buy Online Marketing Services on Fiverr?


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