The Best Way to Find DoFollow Blogs

seo3 The Best Way to Find DoFollow Blogs

If you’re a blogger, site owner, or have dabbled in any sort of SEO, you’ll probably know of the term ‘dofollow’. It is the opposite of ‘nofollow’, which means that links between websites are not fully credited, and some of the benefits do not get passed on. Dofollow links, in SEO terms, are your best bet for getting high value backlinks to your website.

By default, most websites are nofollow, and will attribute the nofollow tag automatically to any links on the comments section of their site. This means that any sites that are dofollow have most likely been specifically created that way by their owner, and in spite of the tens of thousands of new blogs created every week, only a relative handful are useful to you in terms of leaving comments in order to build backlinks.

Before I get to my methods, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for saying a few words about blog commenting as a method of building links. Many of the…shall we say more spam orientated webmasters out there use blog commenting purely for the purpose of getting a link to their low quality site. They’ll trawl the internet for these dofollow blogs and say anything, be it a copied and pasted ‘this is a nice blog, well done’ or something along those lines. If you’re going to comment on a blog post, make sure you actually read the content, and try to add something to the conversation, that’s what comments are for after all. If a site owner is kind enough to give you a link back to your site in return for your opinion, be sure to actually give them an opinion.

So How Do I Find Dofollow Blogs?

There are a few articles online about the same subject as this, and I don’t like to rehash information, but my methods are far more simple than the majority out there. Ready?

  1. I find lists on the internet. I know, I hear you, “This is hardly original…” and it isn’t, but its simple and effective. Search for something like ‘list of dofollow blogs 2012′. I recommend trying to find relevant blogs, so if you run a sports blog, try ‘list of dofollow sports blogs’. The reason I put the year in which I’m searching is just so that the blogs I find are still alive, and haven’t been drastically changed or deleted by their owner.
  2. I use - this is a site made by the brilliant guys over at SmugGecko. It finds dofollow blogs, lists them by the type (commentLuv, keywordLuv, disqus…) and even allows you to filter by latest. The user reviews of the blogs also give you an indication of which actually work, and the Page Rank value gives you an idea of the authority of the site. Simple.

My techniques aren’t original, and I’m basically leeching off the resources that already exist, but what’s wrong with that? If somebody has gone to the effort to compile lists or build tools then why not use them? It saves time and it allows you to go with the tried and tested.

As previously mentioned, spammers are rife, and the last thing you want to do is add to all the spam these sites inevitably already receive. Add value, give a thoughtful opinion and be rewarded with high authority backlinks.


 The Best Way to Find DoFollow Blogs


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