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Over the past three or four years, tumblr has become one of the major players in the world of web 2.0 and blogging. Tumblr was founded back in 2007 and within two weeks had an incredible 75,000 users. The site claimed in February of 2002 that the number of blogs they hosted had reached over 46 million. Not bad! If you’re wanting to get into blogging, Tumblr is a good platform to start out on, but it’s not quite got the professional edge of a self-hosted wordpress or sitebuildit blog, however, what Tumblr does have is the facility to build a huge amount of high quality, do-follow backlinks completely free.

Why Tumblr? Well, the benefit of using Tumblr is that it is already a hugely successful site. It’s much easier to get your Tumblr hosted blog a page rank with a bit of link juice than if it were on your own domain, purely because it is a part of a site that google already knows and trusts. A little bit of the power of Tumblr is passed on via your chunk to wherever you’d like, hence the beauty of tumblr backlinks.

Another reason is the interface. Tumblr is easy to use, and makes it really easy to create an account and then host numerous blogs from that one account, all on their own subdomains. Smart! This means that if I ran a travel site, I could make a bunch of tumblr blogs about individual countries, provide some content on them, share other peoples content, build a bit of a page rank and reputation and immediately link back to my own site, which of course will help with google. Another way tumblr make it easy is that it’s free, the themes are inexpensive or free, and most are fully (and easily) customisable if you know a little bit about html. One more great feature of tumblr and the way it is built is something called a ‘reblog’, a reblog is when somebody sees your content and hits a button which allows them to share it on their own blog really easily, which means their followers can see it and do the same if they wish. What all this means is that you might have a mini ‘viral’ effect if you post something useful or enjoyable, or even just amusing on Tumblr, and the effect of this can be not only a load of traffic, but a load of backlinks too!

What is the best way to go about starting out on Tumblr? Well, a personal blog might be the best way to get going on Tumblr, this will then allow you to link to your projects and get to grips with the platform before spreading your net and creating loads more blogs. Be careful, and make sure your link building doesn’t look unnatural as google may well penalise.

A little bonus. If you’re interested in buying backlinks on Fiverr, but you’re a bit nervous to do it on your main blog, send those backlinks in the direction of your tumblr blog, if it increases the pagerank for example, you can then pass some of that link juice on to your main site. Bonus. This is a method used by Pat Flynn and Joseph Archibald among others.

Let me know if you have anything to add on your own Tumblr experiences, I’d love to hear from you.

 Tumblr Backlinks


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