Using Blogger and Reinforcing Your Website


If you’re starting out in the land of blogging, you might use a blogspot/blogger blog to get to know the ropes, but the chances are, once you know a little bit about this game, you’ll opt for a WordPress platform, or one of the great new alternatives like Site Build It. Besides the fact that it is better for SEO, Plugins, Categorising and site structure. it just looks more professional. Anyone can start a blogger or blogspot blog in seconds with your google account, put one of their templates on and go ahead, but if you’re looking at turning your website or blog into a source of income or being taken seriously as a promotional tool, you’re going to need something more advanced, so what is the role of Blogger?

We’ve already mentioned the first. Using blogger lets you learn the ropes. You’ve got to start somewhere, and what better place than a google platform we are familiar with, is free and we can connect to our friends on. Cool. But what about the next step up? When you move to the next level, where does it leave blogspot blogs?

The truth is that any webspace you have reinforcing your main webspace (for example, I have a dollars per day blogger blog, which links into this one) is helpful, so long as it has some clout it has itself. Basically, if it’s not in a ‘bad neighborhood’ on the internet (and it’s probably not if you’ve done things by the book), then you’re best off keeping your blogspot blog, and updating it. Here’s why:

  1. Links. Backlinks are important. Google is stamping down on spammy links and links from the bad neighborhoods mentioned above, but the great thing about having a web 2.0 or separate website to your main site or niche sites is that you can link to your main sites, this is of benefit not only when it comes to traffic, but SEO and backlinks too. Superb.
  2. It’s another social network, really, isn’t it? All of google’s products are so closely linked, Youtube, Blogger, Google Plus. All of them bounce off of each other and having a blogspot account is another way to access the traffic that’s floating around on google. Who knows, your blogspot might even rank more highly than your main site, but that’s okay, just so long as you’re linking back. Doubling the sites providing information doubles your chances of getting your hands on it. Just don’t forget that google will penalise duplicate content, so no copying and pasting.
  3. You can link to every post. Other methods of reinforcing your website such as writing a guest post will probably get you one or two backlinks tops, and they might be nofollow, too. Using blogger to provide some link juice means that every time you post on your blog you can make sure it gets a couple of external links in.

The point of having sites such as Blogspot blogs, Tumblrs and other blogs is that they are appealing to different audiences (Blogger through google plus, tumblr through their reblogging and hash tagging), and that they build solid, SAFE backlinks to your main site. Google probably will never penalise links back from sites like these, but they add to the sites linking in to your site and give it more juice when it comes to SEO. Whether it’s an authority site or a niche site, a few links from sites like this can be so helpful, and might even be all you need to propel your site up the rankings.

 Using Blogger and Reinforcing Your Website


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