Using Indiegogo & Boost GoGoFactor

slide16logo 300x240 Using Indiegogo & Boost GoGoFactor Indiegogo is a great resource for anyone who wants to promote an idea and get it crowdfunded into existence. The site features over 9 million different users who are all more than willing to invest in projects that interest them. While the website is great and it has an incredibly loyal following, many people may not know how to maximize their experience with it. If you’re like me and just now heard about the gogo factor (the algorithm used by Indiegogo to determine your campaign’s page rank and exposure) then you need to get moving now! In order to boost your campaign you’ll need to rely on some expert assistance. This allowed my project to get the most exposure while freeing up my time to manage the campaign more. People new to crowdfunding may not know that is their best choice for professional marketing assistance if they are using indiegogo. They can cover all your bases by focusing on boosting your campaign’s gogo factor score.

While there are a whole slew of different marketing products and services that are out there, none compare to the specialized help that boostgogofactor is capable of offering people on Indiegogo. There unique service can really help to take your indiegogo campaign to the next level. It is easily one of the best choices for anyone looking to get their Indiegogo project out there and into the public eye. What makes the service so great and so crucial to a successful crowdfunding campaign is its ability to boost a project’s gogofactor. This gogo factor is what determines how much exposure a project gets on the Indiegogo platform and it allows more people to see the campaign. Their whole team was also there every step of the way to help me with whatever I needed. Their help was priceless!

Now, its important to learn that when a project has a greater gogofactor it gains more exposure. You need to know this! More exposure means more potential backers. And more potential backers means your project and your dreams can become a reality. In a world where many people have difficulty reaching their intended audience and earning the proper funds to finance their ideas,  BoostGoGoFactor solves this issue once and for all. They are a much needed and refreshing addition to the crowdfunding community, especially seeing what the alternatives are. There is no reason that a campaign will have to suffer ever again by lack of exposure. I found that even the most inexperienced marketer can rely on this service to provide them with an incredible amount of support and assistance.

Another major advantage thatBoost GoGoFactor gives us is the potential for your project and campaign to become featured on the main page of Indiegogo. This is a huge advantage that can cause funding to skyrocket. Whole projects can become fully financed in no time thanks to this incredible opportunity. Even more obscure and niche projects can still benefit from this service. Because of the fact that helps items to rank higher in the pages and be seen, campaigns with a limited appeal can still hit their target audience and catch their interest. This is really good for people that want to make something close to their heart even if it might not have a whole lot of mainstream appeal. Their past clients range from large campaigns with hot new gadgets to community projects that support a good cause. is a wonderful and fantastic tool. It can make all the difference in the world for people trying to get funded on Indiegogo. Using this service allows projects to develop a loyal following and secure the funding that they deserve without difficulty. It saves on time and frustration, allowing people who are developing the project to focus on getting out their dreams and making something that is revolutionary. They do the heavy lifting for you and help manage your campaign. This expertise saves you time and makes the whole crowdfunding experience less of a maze. This helped us get the funding we needed to launch or first line of 100% Vegan Cookies (google: Best Vegan Cookies!). Now go out there, boost your campaign and get the exposure you need too!

Remember, as Steve Jobs says: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

-Vicki G.

Head Chef and Co-founder of the best 100% Vegan cookies in the world! icon smile Using Indiegogo & Boost GoGoFactor

 Using Indiegogo & Boost GoGoFactor


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