Using Twitter to Promote Your Blog


Twitter is one of many free ways you can use social media to promote whatever you’re doing on or offline. It’s no exception for your blog.

What is Twitter?

For those of you who have been living in some sort of cave for the last five years, Twitter is a social network where you can choose to ‘Follow’ individuals and businesses, and in return people can choose to follow you. Pete Cashmore of Mashable has over 2.7 Million followers on the social network, that’s a huge amount of people to be able to promote your blog posts to via your ‘Tweets’ – the 140 character messages sent to all of your followers that Twitter revolves around. Using Twitter to promote your blog is a no-brainer. Here are my tips.

How do I get followers?

The first step to gaining followers on Twitter is to make sure you link to your account wherever you can. Put it on your Facebook profile and blog, LinkedIn profile and anywhere else you can think of that people may look. You could even use QR Codes on business cards to link to your Twitter.

Next, show some follow love. Twitter has some brilliant search facilities which allow you to find users that are relevant to the subject you blog about, these will be the best people to build a relationship with. Some will follow back, some wont, but it all helps to get the ball rolling.

Join the conversation. That’s Twitter’s motto, and it’s the best way to get noticed on the social network. Tweet about interesting subjects, ask people questions, answer people’s questions. Be personal, don’t just tweet about your latest blog post, feed back on other people’s links and actually make conversation. They’re sure to notice you then.

Why is Twitter So Great?

First of all, it can drive traffic. On a blog I launched recently I gained 435 followers in two weeks. Traffic figures aren’t huge but still make up a significant portion of my traffic so far, and if I keep gaining followers at that rate I’ll have over 10,000 within a year.

Secondly, “Retweets” are your friend. This is when somebody on Twitter sees your tweet, likes it, and then shares it with all of their followers, I’ve had up to 16 retweets on one post before, reaching over 100,000 people in spite of only having 400 followers myself, achieving something like this will bring a traffic spike to your blog. Don’t be afraid to politely ask for a retweet too if your post is relevant to somebody else’s profile.

Critiquing is the next benefit to Twitter. It’s a conversation, people are bound to talk to you about your blog posts and will provide feedback and inspiration. Without using Twitter to promote your blog you may as well just be sitting in cyberspace shouting into a dark room with nobody in it, same applies for other social networks but what I like about Twitter is that people can find your tweets even if they aren’t following you via retweets or searches, your potential reach is global.


It’s no surprise that we live in a time where you have to be social to gain a following on the internet. Even if you’re driving traffic to your site via google for example, you need to be able to hook those people in via social networks or mailing lists, otherwise they will quickly forget about you. Capture them and engross them in your writings and watch your traffic (and fulfilment) grow.

 Using Twitter to Promote Your Blog


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