What is Article Marketing?


What is article marketing?

Article marketing, according to an apt online description, is; “advertising whereby businesses or individuals write articles about their business, the item they are trying to promote or their area of expertise as way of promoting themselves.

So what exactly does that mean? Well, the internet has given us, the general public, an opportunity to publish our writing over tons of great platforms. We can start a blog, we can publish an article on ezinearticles.com, we can start a Squidoo or Hubpages account. The world is our oyster when it comes to publishing.

In effect, article marketing is simply using these and other platforms to promote whatever we would like to promote, either by writing about it directly, or writing about related subjects. Lets say you run a hair products company, you may wish to write about the best ways to wash your hair or keeping dreadlocks clean for example, a subject that is not necessarily a direct link to your product, but proves that you have expertise and draws people in who are looking for that information, the more areas you can cover, the more traffic you will get from search engines and organic clicks.

So how does this serve to promote your business or service? Well, as every internet marketer will tell you, it’s all in the links! In the vast majority of instances, writing an article somewhere will enable you to include links, this can be back to your own pillar content, your root domain, or anywhere you so wish, the benefits of this are of course A) Traffic – you’ll get more visitors to your site, which is always a bonus, and also B) backlinks – Google will index the backlinks and hold your domain in higher esteem, which makes it more likely to rank highly on Google and other search engines, which will again ultimately lead to more authority and to more traffic.

Affiliate article marketing. This is a separate type of article marketing. If you don’t already know, an affiliate scheme is a system whereby you sell a product on somebody’s behalf, such as an eBook or any other product. One of the biggest affiliate schemes is Amazon, and a great way to find affiliate schemes is signing up to an agency such as Affiliate Window. So, in affiliate article marketing, instead of including a link to your own content online, you will include an affiliate enabled link to a product somewhere online. An example of affiliate article marketing can be seen here:

Start an Online Directory with WordPress on Squidoo.com – as you can see, this article talks about how you can use a certain product to create an online directory. If people click on the link and purchase the product, the author (me) makes a cut of the money spent. Simple, really!

Article marketing comes in many different forms, but boiled down it is simply the art of promoting a service, product or website using articles spread across the internet.

 What is Article Marketing?


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