Why Build a Mailing List?

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I’ve been blogging for some time now. I wish I started years ago, but there’s simply no time for regrets, right? In that time I’ve not really focused on one of the key aspects of blogging, and I think that I can move my sites up to the next level by doing so. What am I talking about? Mailing lists. So why the change of heart? Why decide to focus on my list now?

I’ve had a mailing list since I started this blog (same for my other sites) and I always give people the option to sign up, but it has always just been a footnote really.  A small sidebar link with the odd ‘don’t forget to sign up’ here and there. Getting peoples email address never used to be a priority, but I’m beginning to see the merits of them (hence this post on why build a mailing list in the first place).

The Money Is in the List

The money is in the list, or so they say. Money isn’t my only motive for blogging, but we’ve all got to earn a crust. This saying is circulated a lot in internet marketing, but why?

  • People don’t just give their address out willy-nilly. Think of the last few times you chose to give out your email address, you either got something for doing so, or you really wanted to make sure you stayed in the loop, right? That’s what I want; to make it easy for people to stay in the loop by trusting me with their email address. I don’t spam people, I don’t send emails just for the sake of it, and I do so to build my community, and make sure people don’t miss out on what I’m trying to deliver.
  • In case google can your site. This is one of my key reasons for building a list. At the moment, a lot of my traffic comes from Google, and that’s great (pretty much every blogger and site owner wants this), but I don’t like relying on Google. A list of devoted fans who I can reach directly takes Google out of the equation and means if for any reason my site falls down their rankings, I still have an audience.
  • Second contact. I don’t want people to just see my site once and never come back, especially not if they like it! I know I go to sites I like and then forget to ever visit them again. This way, people can make that contact and I know they will see me again, giving me a chance to deliver more value and hopefully build up their trust before I stab them in the back with my spam (just kidding, no spam, remember!)
  • It’s just sensible. If people are seeing my site and willing to give me their address, I might as well let them, I can then utilise this however I see fit in the future.
  • Guaranteed Visitors (almost). If I have a mailing list of 10,000 people (I can dream) and a click through rate of 20%, I know that when I put out a new post and send it out in a mailshot I will have around 2,000 people see it. That’s a big boost for any blogger, and I would love to be in that situation in the future. It doesn’t mean I’ll just email them for the sake of it, but it will be nice to have created that audience for myself.


So, get off your butt and build a list! Whether you use MailChimp (like me) or AWeber (like a lot of people), you’ll be able to reach loads of people with your newly formed list! Remember though, NO SPAMMING (I really am passionate about that).

Coming soon: A post about building your list!

 Why Build a Mailing List?


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