Why Do People Blog?


With the boom in the internet over the last 15 years or so, we have seen the invention and exciting development of a concept that almost everybody is now familiar with; the blog. Figures thrown out there about the amount of blogs in the world are usually between the 100 million and 200 million mark; that’s a big chunk of the world of hyperspace! Whether we like it or not, and whether we write or even read them, blogs are most definitely here to stay. Which of course poses an interesting question; Why do people blog?

20 years ago a Blog wasn’t even a thing – certainly not as we know it today. So how is it that it has become such a key part of modern society? You can begin to get an idea of the huge amount of reasons behind peoples desire to keep an online journal by the shear quantity and diversity of the blogs out there in the world. From Sports blogs to fashion blogs, educational blogs to funny blogs, blogs by 6 year olds to blogs by 92 year olds, photo blogs, music blogs, happy blogs and sad blogs. All exist for a reason…

  • To keep track of something. Maybe you’re studying for an exam, and a blog would be much more fun and easy than a set of study guides, plus you can share it and make it interactive. Maybe you want to keep track of something more public, such as an ambition or goal (an athlete blogging about a journey to the olympics, or blogging about the tribulations of college).
  • To promote something. Blogging can be a great way to build an audience and promote things such as a product launch, a book, a band or artist, a film, a service…the list is endless. By creating a bunch of interesting content, you can gain new fans and even shift a product and make some money.
  • To let it all out! Blogging is a great way to share your emotions and feelings, and get things off your chest, whether you’re expecting people to read it or not. You can even stay anonymous so as not to offend or get yourself in trouble.
  • To make money. Ooh yes, there’s money in blogging, whatever people say, for every scam ‘get rich quick’ scheme there’s a genuine story of somebody making a living blogging, and it definitely does happen. That doesn’t mean its easy, but it can be done and is definitely a reason.
  • To build a community. To have a blog can make you the epicentre of a community or a certain ‘niche’. This can build your reputation or help you to network and make friends.
 Why Do People Blog?


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