Why Is It So Hard to Make a Living Blogging?

why blog 300x195 Why Is It So Hard to Make a Living Blogging?When I first learned about making money online, I thought that blogging was the main way people turned their hours spent online into cash. It is true that people have made good money blogging, look at Darren Rowse over at Problogger or Pat Flynn’s blog (though he does make a lot of his money from other sources). Knowing what I do now, I would not recommend blogging as one of the easier ways to make money online, and in fact it is probably among the most difficult. So why is it so hard to make a living blogging?

Blog Vs Authority Site

Before we go much further I’m just going to set the paramaters for what I’m talking about. A blog and an authority site are not the exact same thing. The two can intertwine but in my opinion, a blog is a fast-evolving site with a lot of articles about current news in a certain area, for example a football blog will talk a lot about the current issues in football. An authority site focuses on more evergreen content and information that covers a long period of time, sticking with the football analogy, a football authority site would focus more on the techniques or information that will not become outdated after the next set of fixtures.

Why so Difficult?

So what is so tough about blogging, let’s break it down.

  • If you’re writing about things that change a lot, or relying on current events, you can’t count on search engine traffic. A subject like “how to make pancakes” will always be the same, and will always be searched for, but “music to look forward to in 2013″ will eventually die down, and won’t bring you visitors from google.
  • It requires a lot of commitment and passion, you need to be on it with your blog and write new content all the time to keep people engaged. An authority site can have content that stays the same for years and is still relevant, but on a blog, although you will probably have some authority content, you need to be current.
  • You probably don’t have a product. The best websites for profits have something to sell, either their own or on somebody else’s behalf. You’ll probably find it tough to shoe-horn a product into certain topics and blog subjects so you may be relying heavily on advertising, meaning you need a huge amount of traffic in order to make any sizeable sum of money.

The best blogs are not “blogs for blogs’ sake”. They’re there to help you promote a product or a service and to make money in a more intelligent way. Putting content online and expecting it to make you a living by magic is not likely, and though you can make good money out of a blog if you do it right, most people do it completely wrong. Your blog should be an offshoot of something bigger, that is going to convert into better cash for you, whether that’s through something you sell yourself, an affiliate program or some other means. Adsense and other ad networks are great, but expect to spend years building up enough traffic on your blog for them to make you rich.

Be clever about your blogging if you want to see results.

 Why Is It So Hard to Make a Living Blogging?


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