Why Twitter Messaging Doesn’t Work for Marketers


Millions of people use Twitter to great effect every single day. It is an amazing way to grow a following, reach out to people, connect and market. Whether you’re marketing a product, a service or a blog or website, Twitter can be great, but there is one aspect of the social network that wont do anything at all for your blog. Twitter messaging. It doesn’t work, and here is why…

Don’t get me wrong, I like the way Twitter messaging works in general, and in principle it is a great way to connect and chat, but it hasn’t worked out like that since Twitter launched in 2006.

Every website has its spam problems, and Twitter is no exception, though you get a lot of spammy tweets and profiles, they’re kind of easy to ignore, but the main area associated with spam is the messages section. People have in the past built auto-responders to send out messages to everyone that follows them, or they have physically go in and send a copied and pasted message asking them to like a product, check out a profile, read a blog or any of the other actions marketers want you to do. I’m here to tell you it quite simply does not work.

The fact of the matter is, the system is abused. People don’t exactly think ‘oh this guy would like my new photography blog, I’ll message him’, the photography blog owner is just looking for any clicks they can get, and who can blame them, but ultimately the inbox of a twitter user is full of these type of messages, and they provide no value. The best way to connect with anybody is to offer them value, through information usually, and by just begging for a click in a message, you’re not doing this at all.

On top of that, the amount of spammy links you see in a Twitter inbox, most people stop even visiting their inboxes. I wont even use twitter as a way to connect with people I already know, because I know that they will have lost their patience with the messaging system long ago.

Twitter has loads of great uses, and amazing ways that you can promote your site, brand or product/service, but please, don’t add any more rubbish to the messages feature, you wont see any benefits of doing so, and neither will your target audience.

 Why Twitter Messaging Doesnt Work for Marketers


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