Why You Shouldn’t Always Look at Your Blog as “Residual Income”


“Residual” or “passive” income. It’s where we all want to be, isn’t it? A wage paid while you sleep? It’s the ultimate goal for so many people. Now, if we were to talk about niche or micro niche sites, then perhaps passive or residual income becomes a bit more relevant, but I’m not talking about that in this post, I’m talking about a blog, like the one you’re reading now. I’ve already covered the fact that you really can make money blogging, but, as mentioned on the post I’ve linked to, it isn’t easy. I know people who have started out creating content purely with the ambition of sticking it online and waiting for the pennies to roll in, and maybe with a smaller niche website this could work, but a blog is so much more than that…

Let’s look at Darren Rowse, founder of Problogger.net and a ton of other magnificent blogs. I bet he doesn’t look at his network of websites as ‘residual’. Sure, he has articles that generate him money all the time, and that he wont have touched for years, but that doesn’t mean he rests on his laurels. Problogger.net is always updated, and Darren and his guest writers always make sure there is a stream of content dripping into the blog. Darren knows that his blog is top of google for many terms, generating an amazing income and in most ways, sitting pretty, but if he were to ignore it, he knows that it might not take long for all of this to disappear. A blog is not an ISA or savings account, it has to be worked at. Look at the recent google updates, how many blogs dropped a load of positions for their most important terms on google? Loads! Which are the ones that will survive? The ones that keep going, make alterations, and continue to dominate their niche. Google knows if you’re working at your blog, and will reward those that do.

Another hugely important reason that you shouldn’t look at your blog as residual income is the fact that you will have an audience! I’m not talking about your site about a certain product that people only ever visit once, I’m talking about your authority site, the site that people come back to for information, the site that has an audience. That’s what a blog really is, right? That’s why you ‘follow’ a blog or ‘subscribe’, because you want to see what comes in the future, and what if the blogger just stops? Sees you as another license to print residual cash and only ever provides information when it suits them. You become disillusioned, right? Exactly. A blog is a living thing, and if you dont feed it content, it dies, and so will your earnings. Articles you wrote 4 years ago may be irrelevant in another 4 years, but articles you write today might be more relevant than ever.

If you treat your blog as a cash cow, sitting online and ticking along with a nice income, it will one day be overtaken, trust me, other horses are joining this race all the time. If your blog is already making money, think of it as a platform to make even more, and dont stop working at it.

Consider yourselves warned! Happy blogging, folks.

 Why You Shouldnt Always Look at Your Blog as Residual Income


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