WordPress and Adsense – A Dream Combination?


If you’re a regular reader of Dollars Per Day, you’ll know full well that I’m an avid user and advocate of the WordPress content management system. In fact, the vast majority of bloggers and site owners I know feel the same about it, and use WordPress for all of their sites. It’s versatile, intelligent and easy to get to grips with. Combine that with the desire to make money from a website (most webmasters and site owners certainly wouldn’t say no to this) and the fact that Adsense truly is the market leader when it comes to monetising sites, the task of integrating the two together is one that is often come across by bloggers.

I can remember when I started out in the website game, how difficult it was to know what I was doing in the world of advertising. How do I sell ads? Which are the best agencies to use, etc. etc… It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out that Google’s Adsense platform is a great way to go if you’re a new site owner. I had dabbled a few years ago and had an account, so I decided to start integrating with my site, of course, it was handled on the WordPress platform.

The way their system works is that you simply copy and paste the code that they give you (simple HTML) wherever you would like it to be, and hey presto…but it wasn’t that easy. I’m no web designer, and I found it really restrictive when it came to inserting the code exactly where I wanted it. For example, if I wanted to put an ad in a sidebar, I found it difficult to find an ad the right size, this could’ve been fixed by aligning it in the centre, but this wasn’t easy for a beginner to do. Likewise, if I wanted to include ads inside posts, I had no way of controlling where they appeared, and I certainly had no way of controlling multiple ads at the same time. If you want to get creative and experiment with where you put your ads, doing it manually makes it really difficult.

Because of the above reasons, I have to say that WordPress and Adsense are not a match made in heaven by their very nature. The two have no affiliation with each other, and for this reason are not designed for one another. However, WordPress is extremely adaptable, and there are ways around almost every problem.

Of course, the answer was going to be a plugin, so I found one…

I’m not going to turn this into a plugin review, and there are a few ad management tools and plugins that allow you to do exactly the same, but the one I choose is Ad Injection. I wont bore you with details as I’ve written an Ad Injection Review for that. What I will say is that it allows a huge amount of flexibility within your site.

In conclusion, WordPress and Adsense aren’t the best together without a little assistance, but that’s the beauty of the WordPress platform, you can turn it into whatever you need, and an Adsense based site is possible. The two are a dream combination, but only because they are both the best tools out there. Make the two work in tandem and add some traffic, then you definitely have a recipe for success.

 Wordpress and Adsense   A Dream Combination?


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