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Top 5 Online Data Entry Jobs Anyone Can Start Without Investment

content Top 5 Online Data Entry Jobs Anyone Can Start Without InvestmentThere are many reasons you are searching for some work from home opportunities. You are a kid and looking for pocket money, a student who want to pay school or college fee or even a homemaker struggling to make end meets.

There are many work from home jobs available on internet for all types of people but if you are looking for something which can be done without investment then online jobs in data entry is best for you.

What is your age or qualification, no one is going to ask in online jobs. Assuming that you are genuinely searching for some online job and you don’t have much idea what to start then becoming a data entry operator is the best option for you.

If you are thinking that you data entry job is very simple then you aren’t 100% right. There are number of things you need to consider before starting any type of online jobs-

5 Different Types of Data Entry Jobs

As I said prior, there are diverse sorts of data entry jobs.

It completely relies on the prerequisite by a specific organization. In the event that an organization needs data entry drivers for entering data into MS outperform spreadsheet then it will search for such drivers who can do this job.

Correspondingly, there are 10 separate sorts of data entry jobs or significantly more. You have to know each of them so in the event that you are wanted to make a specific sort from showing then you could do it effortlessly. Despite the fact that it is not important to take in every one of them however you ought to ace no less than two to three. Here are 10 separate sorts of data entry online jobs from home.

1. Simple Typing

In the first place is fundamental writing job. You will be asked to sort things into MS word or a notepad. This is simple on the grounds that you need to sort in basic English words. You have to have great writing velocity. You may need to see and sort from a hard duplicate. It relies on the organization how they need.

2. Survey Forms

Survey is one of the most simple opportunity where you need to join some paid survey sites which will send you regular survey either by email or you can login to the sites and check for any survey availability in your account.

It hardly takes 5-10 minutes for each survey to complete. If the survey length is more than 30 minutes, you will get paid more than $10. There are many good sites where you can join. Most of the sites are for US and UK only but there are many sites which accept international users.

3. Form Filling

Here you need to fill forms in obliged format. It could be letter, pamphlets, flyers and so on. You need to sort as it may be. Additionally from writing aptitudes you have to have some practical judgment skills in light of the fact that you have to complete tables or things like it. It is touch challenging than basic writing.

4. Captcha Solving

I trust you recognize what Captcha is. When you log into your record in the wake of filling the User ID furthermore secret word, you may have perceived a little image something composed in it, you need to enter the same thing into the crate underneath then you might be permitted to gain access to your record. Captcha are for distinguishing if you are a human or robot. Consequently you need to fathom those Captcha images. Here and there it is exceptionally challenging to make out what is composed there.

5. Image to Text

Here, you need to change over an image record into word archive. You need to duplicate content from the jpg index and compose into the statement report. It is most normal sort of data entry job. Typically organization requests these sorts of data entry jobs. You can say this is the most regular kind of data entry job. There could be numerous different sorts of data entry jobs. Nonetheless, these 5 are most basic jobs that you could discover.


EpicWrite – The cheapest writing team in the internet

guest posts 300x195 EpicWrite – The cheapest writing team in the internet “IF YOU PAY PEANUTS, YOU’LL GET MONKEYS” – That’s a common phrase nowadays.

As someone who needs quality content, you’ve been told to check out online job marketplaces that offer “cheap but excellent services.” But the truth is, these marketplaces have reached their saturation point that it has become difficult to find writers who can actually write.

Take it from other clients. At a popular site for freelancers, one client said he was given a bad rating when he rejected an article for having too many grammar issues. Another client said he missed a deadline because his writer had poor work ethics. They never used that site again.

So we searched the stars, scoured some planets, asked a few aliens, and found EpicWrite. Here’s our detailed review.

EpicWrite is a gem amongst rocks, to say the least. For only $0.6 per 100 words, you’ll be surprised to get more than what you expect. Just when you thought quality and affordability don’t go together, this company proves you wrong.

Here are the top reasons why this content writing team is highly recommended.

1. Very affordable plans
If you sign up for EpicWrite, you can choose from three budget plans: Basic ($0.6 / 100 words), Premium ($0.8 / 100 words), and Professional ($1.0 / 100 words).

Which of these plans should you choose?
It can be tempting to try the cheapest rate, but you are strongly suggested to opt for the Professional plan. For only $1 per 100 words, your content will be written by top-rated native English writers. Other perks includes unlimited revision and a fast turnaround.

2. Efficient support
One of the qualities of a good company is the presence of an efficient support system. With EpicWrite, you won’t get an idle Contact Us page. In fact, a team is dedicated to handle all your concerns and questions – from revisions to clarifications. To get in touch with the team, you can do any of the following: login in your account and click on Support, or use the support widget on the bottom of every page of the website.

3. Easy-to-use and simple interface
We simply find it easy to use. I think they do understand the importance of a good user experience. That’s why it has an easy-to-use interface, a simple registration process, and an organized dashboard. Once registered, you will have access to your personal dashboard. This is where you can view your profile, feedback from other clients, and projects that you have created. This is also the place where you can buy credits and create feedback of your own.

4. Convenient payment methods
You can buy credits anytime through PayPal or Skrill. Rest assured that these options are secure.

5. “Update-proof” articles
Best of all, EpicWrite has a pool of tried-and-tested writers. Don’t be fooled by the rankings shown on the plans (Basic – 3 stars, Premium – 4 stars, Professional – 5 stars) because according to our account manager Sarah, these writers have been handpicked to deliver quality content. Quality here is defined as SEO-friendly, unique, and fluff-free.

The importance of quality content cannot be overly emphasized especially with the release of newer and smarter search algorithms and updates (Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird).

6. 100% work back guarantee
They’re not perfect. We do have some past projects with them that needs a bit of revision.
If you’re not satisfied with your order, you can always have it revised. They have a 100% work-back guarantee and will be able to send you the revision within a matter of hours (Depends on the volume of the project).

Selling a Digital Product – A Guide

digital product1 Selling a Digital Product   A Guide

I’ve been experimenting with digital products recently. As many of you will already know I am always keen to find new ways to monetize my blogs and niche sites and there is certainly a strong argument for digital products being the most effective way to do so. I remember listening to an interview on Yaro Starak’s podcast with a guy who made $300,000 on a website about model trains, because he had made a guide and sold it on his site, which was getting huge amounts of organic traffic. This is a business model that certainly can work extremely well and you might not need a high percentage of your viewers to buy something for it to make you a nice chunk of money. So what are my tips for selling a digital product?


This is oh so important but unfortunately some people completely bypass this crucial step. When you’re creating your product you need to make sure it isn’t slapdash and that it offers real value, the same set of morals you should have when it comes to building any blogs or niche websites too. If your product isn’t good enough then you’re not going to succeed, it is as simple as that. It doesn’t matter what you make, a video course, an eBook, a set of instructional audio clips, anything, just so long as it helps and does what you’ve advertised.

Find your pricing point

This is a tough one, people are becoming more accepting of digital products in the 21st century, which has been aided by the introduction of the tablet and the kindle. In fact a lot of the books and other forms of media consumed are consumed digitally, which is great for the independent publisher or content producer, but it can also mean that finding how much people are willing to pay is tough. It depends a lot on how specialist the knowledge you are imparting is, and what the competition is selling its products for. I have bought digital products for $100 and for $1, and been happy with both. You need to pay close attention to what others are doing and decide just how valuable your product is.

Sell to an existing audience

You don’t have to do this, but it definitely will make your path a lot easier. What I mean by selling a digital product to an already existing audience is that you should create a product to market to traffic you already have coming to a website or other online presence rather than simply creating a product and then trying to build an audience. If you already run a site about dogs, make your dog training guide and stick it online, don’t make the product first and then try to market it, the road will be a lot longer.

Let other people sell it for you

Affiliate schemes are an amazing way for you to sell your products. People like Clickbank will let you sell your digital product on their marketplace, which means that not only will you get eyeballs looking at your product on there, people will be able to sell it on their own websites for a percentage. You’ll cut into your profit margin but you will be getting sales you never would have otherwise.

Which SEO Strategies Will Work in 2013?

page rank 300x195 Which SEO Strategies Will Work in 2013?

Okay, I’m a little late jumping on the boat with this one as we’re already two weeks into 2013, but I thought I’d share the techniques I think will be working for search engine optimization, and a few more predictions on the world of SEO in the year to come.

Loads and loads of content.

For a while now the amount of content needed to rank well has, in general been increasing. Posts of 300 words would have ranked once upon a time, but not anymore, and though in general it is said that 4-500 words should be your minimum, I’m of the opinion that in most cases, more content is better. I have noticed in recent weeks and months when doing keyword research that one aspect has seemed to hold more weight than all others when it is being decided what rises to the top, and that is the amount of content. The other day I was doing keyword research for a new article for my travel blog. The highest ranking result had a partial match domain, a Page Rank of 0, and wasn’t a huge site, but the page itself had TONS of content, videos, text and photos, it is obvious to me that this is why it was deemed good enough to be Google’s top dog.

I’m not saying that writing a really long post on a brand new blog guarantees it top spot, and a 1,000 word post on your 2 week old blog probably wont outrank a 500 word post on the Huffington Post, but content should definitely underpin your SEO strategy.

Quality over Quantity Links

This isn’t new, really, and recent updates from the big G have definitely worked towards trimming the fat regarding poor link profiles. When I started trying to rank sites I would write on any article directory going, but this is not the case anymore, one high profile site putting your article online with a dofollow link will be far more effective than 20 links on spammy article directories. Directories aren’t to be discounted, but if they are relevant, they can be quality links too.


I’m not the only SEO enthusiast who talks a lot about social, and I do believe that the social aspects of the internet already hold a lot of weight, which will continue to grow as time goes on. Social sites go far beyond Twitter and Facebook and expect Pinterest, Scoop.It and many more similar sites to become more powerful as time goes on. Of course, it makes sense that Google Plus holds a lot of power for obvious reasons.

In summary, I’m going back to basics for 2013. I’ve heard an awful lot of success stories from people doing little to no back linking. Although I will aim to get some high profile guest spots, my main focus is output of quality content (and lots of it). People talk about natural looking link profiles, well what better way to achieve a natural looking link profile than to make sure it actually is created naturally? Stick your white hats on and strap in for the long haul.

Finally, a bit of recommended reading for you over at Spencer Haws’ Niche Pursuits, in which he talks about a lot of these techniques and how he is ranking two new authority style sites:


Content Creation is King

You’ve probably heard the saying “content is king”. It’s no joke, content really is the most important part of internet marketing, it is the linchpin holding together everything else you are trying to achieve. Sales, SEO, blogging, niche sites, it all boils down to content, and the task of creating good quality content on a regular basis falls to us, the website owners, bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs.

So what do I class as quality content?

  • Blog posts that offer value. I don’t care if that value is offered in 100 words or 1500, and think it is a shame that a lot of people drag out blog posts just for SEO purposes. Sometimes 100 words is all that is needed to provide the information or inspiration that people need. Don’t write for the sake of it, write because you have something to say. Whether a blog post or article is worthwhile depends 100% on the audience. If they get something out of it then it has been worth it.
  • Videos. Video offers us an amazing way to connect in the 21st century. I don’t take advantage of video as much as I could but I am very much aware of it’s importance. Videos can come in many formats including interviews, documentaries, tutorials and even funny promotional videos. Again, if it is enjoyed and valuable information is transferred then it constitutes quality.
  • Podcasts. Ah, the power of a podcast! I love podcasts and subscribe to loads in the internet marketing space. Having a regular opportunity to present a show and address your audience directly allows you to provide them with tons of information and your personality can shine through.
  • Photographs. This works better for some niches than others, but photos can add another dimension to your website.

The area that a lot of people struggle with is regularly putting content out. It is the whole point of a blog and what your audience (not to mention the search engines) are expecting. So why should you focus on creating content above all other areas?

Well, the truth is that your content is probably your product, or at least one of your products. Without it you have nothing to sell. It is easy to get bogged down in doing SEO or social networking and trying to drive traffic, but without the content to boot you’re just a shopkeeper advertising an empty shop. Regular content is 100% necessary for your success.

Don’t fear, though, you can definitely put out three or four posts a week by combining the methods above. My advice is to combine two main methods of creating content, for instance text and a podcast or videos and text.

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you’re struggling with regularity of content, create a schedule of say three or four posts a week, share it, pin it up, and be accountable for it. You can stray from it a bit here and there but in general your goal should be laid out in front of you to avoid straying and making excuses to put off the all important task of content creation.

Just Ship It

So many of us fall foul of trying to be perfect. Perfectionism is a curse and a lot of the time you’ll get away with not worrying about perfection. I’m not contradicting myself, and I do stand by my comments about quality content, but you are allowed imperfections, nobody is going to judge you for a slightly shaky video or a tiny bit of bad grammar. Yes it is best avoided but it  is better to put something out and try to improve as time goes on than to constantly stay in the shadows out of fear of not being amazing. Just ship it!

How to Make Sure Your Blog is Regularly Updated With New Content

One of the first things we learn about blogging is how important it is to update regularly. The search engines love new content, as do your readers, and keeping a rhythm of posting is key to keeping people engaged and allow your blog to grow steadily. Not all of us have time to post to our blog every day though, or even the recommended 3 or 4 times a week, especially considering the fact that it is recommended that our posts exceed 400 words nowadays, so how can we make sure our blogs are updated with new content all the time without spending hours at our desks or laptops writing?

  • Allow Guest Posts. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Guest posts are one of the best ways out there for sourcing new content. It is mutually beneficial, you get new content and in return give the writer a link back to their website. You need to moderate this and make sure you’re not just publishing any old rubbish on your blog, so building good relationships with writers is important.
  • Buy Content. There are lots of organisations out there who will provide great content for a reasonable price. Freelance writers might be hard to come by but once you find one you can pay them to regularly provide content. If you’re making money from your blogs you can think of this as a business expense. You can hire me for writing gigs too at a competitive price.
  • Aggregate Other People’s Content. Don’t think of it as cheating. Many people will be glad to see collections of other peoples’ content as long as you provide value. A list of the best blog posts you’ve seen that week or a collection of Youtube videos around a certain theme can be a great way to craft a quick and easy blog post.
  • Make Videos. Videos can be another way to make a quick but valuable post. Also, they can drive traffic directly from the sites oyu’re hosting them on such as Vimeo and Youtube, and provide backlinks to your site. Win/Win situation.
  • Make a Podcast. Similar deal to videos, and especially good if you don’t like your face being on screen. Podcasts are a good way to establish a following and grow your online businesses as well as increase respect for you in your particular niche. They can also be a nice variation from writing new posts.
  • Post Photos. Easier in some niches than in others, but photos open up a new realm of possibilities for your site. Not only can you be found from Google’s image searches and Flickr, they’re also great ‘link bait’, meaning an inspiring or clever photo could well be linked to from loads of social networks and websites, providing you with great exposure.
  • Just Do It. It can be easy to just say “oh I’ll post tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes. You need discipline in this game, and putting aside the time to just sit down, focus and bash out some new content is integral to your success.

Should You Buy Online Marketing Services on Fiverr?


Fiverr has swept the world over the past few years. The online platform to buy and sell services for the princely sum of five dollars is something that has been embraced the world over, allowing people to buy services or even products for an extremely affordable price and also allowing people to make money selling their expertise or services.

For service providers, their items for sale (also known as “gigs”) are usually not extremely time consuming, which allows them to sell on bulk and therefore provides a financially viable business model, so they don’t end up working for a pittance. This model also works well as a form of outsourcing, as for people providing their services in places such as india or parts of asia, $5 can be a lot of money.

Is Fiverr Good For Online Marketing Services?

Some of the most popular type of gigs on Fiverr are related to online marketing. People offering their service promoting your website or online presence. Below I’ve listed some of the more popular ones, and my advice on whether or not you should buy them:

  • SEO Services. This includes website reports, social bookmarking and fiverr link building services. I’ve listed this one first as you need to be really careful with it. Google have hit a lot of different types of link building recently, and if you want to rank highly, it is really important that you take care of the links pointing back to your site. Perhaps the kind of care that somebody looking to build links on bulk wont be willing to. If you have a lot of sites and you don’t mind if one of them tanks, by all means experiment, but as the old saying goes “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, and nobody wants an ape building their links.
  • Article Writing. I’d recommend this service in a lot of cases, but make sure you check out their reviews and that they have a lot of happy customers. Paying $5 for an article can be a great way to get new content for your sites or to submit to article directories or as guest posts for a good solid backlink. A slight risk, but find the right gigs and you’re well on your way.
  • Social Networks. This one can be really hit and miss, and depends on how genuine the service provider is. You’ll find gigs offering loads of new followers, or to sponsor a tweet to their followers. If you find a relevant and targeted audience in this way you might well find a degree of success, but you may also find that people are selling you access to fake followers and spammy profiles. Beware.
  • Video and graphics. Video and graphics are both a cool way of marketing, and if you find someone who is good at creating these for a fiver, and are happy to publish it on your own networks then it can be effective for marketing and SEO. Again there is a slight risk involved, but less than the other services mentioned. To get a logo for your blog for $5 is also an amazing benefit of the site.
  • Traffic. Okay, as a rule of thumb, I’d suggest that you never ever ever buy traffic. It won’t convert if you’re trying to sell a product, it won’t make you money out of advertising and it will probably be spammy and automated. You do not want your site associated with this and even if there are some good traffic services out there, it simply isn’t worth the risk.

There are some other more creative online marketing services on Fiverr, and people are always thinking of new gigs to sell. A lot of finding out what works for you is experimentation, but hopefully the above list is helpful when deciding where to go with your online marketing.

Blogging On The Go – How to Blog Whilst On Your Travels


One of the most amazing parts of being a blogger is the fact that it can be done from anywhere. My regular readers will know that Dollars Per Day documents my journey to make a living online, and one of the reasons I want to achieve this goal is that I want to be portable, so to speak. Earning my income regardless of where I am in the world is my ultimate dream; location independence. Luckily for me, and others looking to achieve the same thing, blogging on the go doesn’t have to be particularly difficult, and there are loads of ways you can make it easy for yourself, which I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

  • If you can, take a Laptop. This is a huge part of blogging, and life will be tough without it. Whether your definition of ‘on the go’ is trecking through your local countryside or flying to the other side of the world, a laptop is going to be your best friend. Most built up areas will have coffee shops and restaurants with free wifi you can latch onto in order to publish and interact on your blog, but of course your writing can be done without being online, which means limited wifi doesn’t have to be a problem, as soon as you get online, you can publish your posts, or…
  • Scheduling Posts. One of the challenges of being on the move is that you might have large chunks of time where you cant publish to your blog, and that’s where automation comes in. If you’re using WordPress (which I strongly recommend doing) this is remarkably easy to do in the ‘add new post’ section, where you can simply click ‘edit’ next to publish immediately and set a time and date.
  • iPads and Tablets. They might not be the easiest way to blog yet, but they can be effective, and certainly help if you don’t want to lug around a laptop. Most blogging platforms have an app which will allow you to login and post directly, and a lot of tablets will let you take photos to upload directly too. A nifty piece of gear for using a tablet to blog is one of these bad boys, a wireless keyboard Blogging On The Go   How to Blog Whilst On Your Travels, which make your life so much easier! Nobody wants to write thousands of words on a tablet without a real keyboard.
  • Internet Cafes. Internet cafes are in most touristy areas of the world, and quite a lot of non touristy areas! If you have a smartphone, you can use them to check where your nearest internet cafe is, and head over there for an hour or two of surfing. Again, this will be better if you’re able to make your content beforehand, and then you only pay for the time it takes you to publish, rather than create, your content.

Most of the world is online now. It isn’t too hard to find a wifi connection and even though lugging around expensive gear can be a risk, it’s nothing that online backups via the cloud and a good travel insurance policy wont deal with. You can cover against theft and blog away at ease. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to blog on the beach? Especially if you’re getting paid good money to do so.

How Long Should an Article Be?


Writing is a strange and wonderful thing, and everybody does it in a different way. It can be really difficult to know if you’re writing an article that is way too long or way too short. In this…well, article, we look at how long an article should be for many different purposes.

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Personally, I take SEO into consideration for a lot of my blog posts and other articles. It is important to me that at least a fair chunk of my posts find their way onto the upper reaches of google, and drive some traffic from search engines. I don’t write exclusively for these reasons, I write for people not for the robots who evaluate my site, but unfortunately the robots have to be considered if I want to even reach people in the first place.

As with most SEO techniques, there isn’t a definite science to it, and nowhere in Google’s guides does it give an ideal post length. I’ve seen 200 word articles outrank 900 word articles, and I’ve seen two articles the same length perform very differently. That said, the most success I’ve seen with my own articles on Google has come to articles between the 550 and 750 word mark. This has increased slightly, and I have seen a lot of my shorter articles drop off in recent times, as google seems to move towards favouring more thorough content. Its always changing, and if it is of paramount importance to your articles, you should definitely keep your finger on the pulse of all things SEO.

For Article Directories and Guest Posts

One of the most popular methods of driving traffic and building links to your website is to write articles for publishing elsewhere, such as other peoples’ blogs and article directories. So how many words should you aim for in these circumstances?

I try to write my articles for directories and other people’s blogs as I would write them for my own. I reserve some of the more ‘evergreen‘ topics for my own blog, as they are the mainstay of what I am trying to create, but once I have picked a subject for a guest article, I write it as I would for my own blog, aiming for between 400 and 800 words depending on the subject matter, and how much I have to say.

Blogs and directories will probably have their own rules or guidelines. I am yet to find an article directory that will accept articles under 300 words, which is fair enough. If you’re writing an article purely for a link back to your site, and aren’t bothered how it ranks in the search engines or how it engages people, then by all means stick to the lower end of those guidelines, but don’t expect the article to do wonders for your own site.

For Your Readers

The third on my list, and most important of things to consider when writing your articles, is the readers you are writing them for. Goes without saying really, doesn’t it? A good man once said “don’t say in 10 words what you can say in 5″ (or something like that), and it is true that waffling on for the sake of it wont do anybody any favours. People are busy, and they probably aren’t willing to sit around and wait while you get to the point, so make sure you provide value, and quickly.

I’m also a believer that the other points are kind of secondary. Writing is not something that should be formulaic or processed, it should be well thought out, but not manufactured, write in your own style, and with your readers in mind, and whatever the length ends up being, whether 60 words or 6,000, it will be correct for you.

For Print and Publications

I mustn’t forget that people still do write for print media, and in these cases (though you might have a rough criteria for word count), I believe the same as I’ve said above applies. Don’t waffle, and write however many words it takes to get your message across in the way you want.


Hopefully these points have been helpful. There is no simple answer to “how long should an article be?”, but these guidelines will serve you well on your journey to creating new pieces of writing.

Improve Your Blog in Easy Steps


Any blogger worth his or her salt is constantly looking for ways to make improvements. Sometimes they’re obvious and easy, sometimes they’re ambitious and difficult, sometimes they’re staring you right in the face and you cant necessarily see them. We’ve put together a guide to improve your blog in easy steps. Some of the things listed are pretty obvious, and some of them might simply be things you’ve missed, some of them might be little gems we’ve picked up along the way to relative blogging success. The only thing they have in common is that they’re easy steps to take, and things that can spice up and improve your site with ease.

  • Encourage comments. Comments can create a real sense of community around a blog, but people sometimes need a little push. By encouraging people to comment, whether in a widget in a sidebar or in every post, you can start to build a group of engaged readers.
  • Post often. Not every post will be a ‘money post’, but regular content, even if it’s just sharing a simple list of things you’ve found and love online, can have benefits both for your audience and for SEO
  • Be personable. Even a simple profile picture or a little ‘about me’ section can give your blog a face and develop trust with your readers.
  • Link out. There should be no big taboo about sharing a little link love. Linking out of your site can show people other resources, and if they remember that you’re the one that pointed them in that direction, they’ll be thankful for it.
  • Evaluate your ads. You might have too many ads, or your chosen network might be showing irrelevant ads too often. Regularly check how the ads on your site are looking and if you think they compromise the experience of somebody visiting your site, cut back and make changes.
  • Check your Grammar and Spelling. This can be as simple as running a spell checker before publishing, but failure to do so can make you look really unprofessional, not an image you’ll want to project…
  • Make sure you have lots of engaging images. Not too many, of course, but people get overwhelmed by tons of writing and no images to break it down, have some attractive pictures to please the eye.
  • Make it scannable. Is your site ‘scannable’, by which I mean can the information somebody wants to gain be easily found just from a quick scan? Of course, you want to engage people further, but suggesting that the info is hard to come by will just make people look elsewhere.
  • Make sure your navigation is easy. The same as the above point, really, make sure your info is ‘filed’ correctly on your site and that articles can be easily found.


Any more easy steps to share with the community here at Dollars Per Day? Include them below in our comments section, we dont bite.

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